Amira Rahim – New Art Blog!

Hi guys,

Thanks for your viewership. As some of you may know, I paint. I’ve recently created an official blog to post my work, share purchasing information, and document my progress as an artist. I would really appreciate if you could visit (and please subscribe)!

Abu Dhabi Women of Color Network

Abu Dhabi Women of Color Network

33 minutes old. It goes live in about 3 days but people can still join as is. Just decided it would be easier to start a group of my own. Hopefully it will be beneficial for myself an others.

I’ll be making a Facebook group as well. But for now, I need to get back to setting up my art blog! 🙂

New blog! New address! New residency!

The husband and I seized the opportunity to relocate back to his hometown of Abu Dhabi. I’m officially an expat of the UAE and will be documenting my experiences abroad at my new blog. Check it out 😉