Abu Dhabi Women of Color Network

Abu Dhabi Women of Color Network

33 minutes old. It goes live in about 3 days but people can still join as is. Just decided it would be easier to start a group of my own. Hopefully it will be beneficial for myself an others.

I’ll be making a Facebook group as well. But for now, I need to get back to setting up my art blog! 🙂

New blog! New address! New residency!

The husband and I seized the opportunity to relocate back to his hometown of Abu Dhabi. I’m officially an expat of the UAE and will be documenting my experiences abroad at my new blog. Check it out 😉 http://www.amirainabudhabi.com

Coming out of the closet. Sorta.

Kate's Apartmentsteading

Hi. My name is Kate.

That’s right. Just Kate. I…am American. I was born here. I like it here. I speak English- well. And I am not a terrorist.

Look ok, I promised myself that this would be a blog about homesteading, not my personal life, and especially not my religious practices. But recently I came under fire on another blog for commenting, and someone made an ignorant comment in response, regarding my race/religion. ‘Cuz that always wins an argument.

Ok, so waaaahhhh, right? Well sort of. But the deal is, I have a blog. And I’m here to enlighten people. I would be doing myself and my readers a great injustice if I didn’t at least TRY to correct the stereotypes that are effecting me directly. I apologize if any of this offends you. The purpose of this post isn’t to convert people or to spread my religion- it…

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