New blog! New address! New residency!

The husband and I seized the opportunity to relocate back to his hometown of Abu Dhabi. I’m officially an expat of the UAE and will be documenting my experiences abroad at my new blog. Check it out 😉



…after delay, preparation, and patience, I’m off to London, إن شاء الله, returning to the UK for the continuation of my world tour! “But I know my world tour is like bore to ya”

I’m gonna miss all my girls! Thankful for the support I’ve received from my closest friends this summer. It’s been a crazy busy summer and I learned a lot. Leaving ya’ll with the words of probably my favorite music artist…you already know! 😉

Memories don’t live like people do
Baby don’t forget me, I’m a travelin’ [wo]man
Movin through places, space and time
But inshallah I’m comin back to you
I’m leaving!

-Black Dante



@ a Chicken Shack in London

some random chicken shack in Londontown