I don’t know.

Maybe I’m just being sensitive but I just want a peaceful day.

I guess you can say I’m a control freak.

It’s the Holy Day of Arafat today.

I’m fasting.

To do that, I woke up early to eat breakfast.

Before that my sleep was disturbed about 4am when my roommates came in.

Then, one of them and her friend slept on the two couches.

So, my usual routine of waking up, coming in the living room and enjoying the sunrise, was interrupted.


So, I can’t blame them for crashing all day, right?

But, then its time for breakfast.

Time for bacon to sizzle throughout the apartment.

Time for me to realize that all the knives and cutting board is no longer halal.

Time for me to realize that my many attempts to keep halal were probably in vain.

But, Allah SWT knows best. It’s less than a week left.

I just won’t cook, that’s all.