So I’m sitting on my floor in front of the TV, winding down before my flight tomorrow, when I received a phone call from a sister-friend of mine, old enough to be my mom. She called to check on me, and said that I was on her mind. We’re not Facebook friends. I was so moved by this act of kindness– I thanked her repeatedly.

I hung up, with the intention to keep in contact with her, suggesting she add me on Facebook, when I realized: I don’t call distant friends enough for fear of “bothering them”, but what ends up happening is that all friends become, well, quite distant. Being an introvert, homebody, and, pretty self-involved (bad combination, I know), it never dawned on me until now.

I often deactivate my social media accounts–sometimes for a week, sometimes for a few months–just because technology tends to zap out the realness of Life itself.

And, social media will never replace the sound of a friend’s voice, good counsel, and a few hours of their time. I think I found my New Year’s Resolution, in February.


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