Liberation by degradation? Not for me.

I was reading Imam Zaid’s article on women-led prayers and I thought he sufficiently laid out the details and evidences of the fitnah. I really liked what he said on liberation, as it is a good reminder for us all.

This life is just one big fitnah people. Don’t believe the hype 🙂

We must also understand that Islam has never advocated a liberationist philosophy. [76] Our fulfillment in this life will never come as the result of breaking real or perceived chains of oppression. That does not mean that we should not struggle against oppressive practices and institutions. Islam enjoins us to do so. However, when we understand that success in such worldly struggles has nothing to do with our fulfillment as human beings, we will be able to keep those struggles in perspective, and not be moved to frustration or despair when their outcomes are counter to our plans.

Our fulfillment does not lie in our liberation, rather it lies in the conquest of our soul and its base desires. That conquest only occurs through our enslavement to God. Our enslavement to God in turn means that we have to suppress many of our souls’ desires and inclinations. Therein is one of the greatest secrets to unleashing our real human potential. This is so because it is our spiritual potential that separates us from the rest of this creation, and it is to the extent that we are able to conquer our physical nature that we realize that spiritual potential.


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