I kind of just realized…

that I haven’t blogged in a while! 😦

hmm, I’ve been busy I assume.

But, I have a list of items to share. Interpret or extrapolate what you can :D.

  1. LSATs suck.
  2. I think I want to teach kiddies for a little while.
  3. I really miss holding a paintbrush.
  4. I consume abnormal amounts of hot chocolate. Almost as much as I consume tea.
  5. I am out of Yerba Mate tea and, hence, out of my mind.
  6. Mozambique.
  7. Fortaleza is in a few months. So is my graduation.
  8. I miss home. And yet, I keep ending up on international flights.
  9. D’uas rock!

Yes, I think that is all. But, question…I am considering becoming a video blogger. What’s up with that? I dunno, it’s easier than typing I suppose. But then people will be looking at me. Looking at them. Lol, maybe.


Miss Rahim


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