Confessions of a convert #2

Pittsburgh is very Muslim-friendly! 🙂

Since I’ve been here the past two weeks, I’ve seen several hijabis, been to a Muslim Student Association meeting (very fun time, mashallah), and located the local Masjid. The Islamic Center of Pittsburgh is less than a 10 minute walk from central campus.

So, I went to my first Jumu’ah prayer…ever.

It was a brief, yet powerful, session of prayer and reflection. There was also a fundraising drive to help the people in Gaza. Afterward, I ran into a classmate who kindly showed me where to buy a plate of food downstairs! 😀

And it gets better.

There is a variety of halal food available, including a halal meat and grocery store right around the corner from me!

Plus, they sell bean pies. Now, this is a big deal. Halal goodies, gyros, falafel AND I get a bean pie supplier?

Very happy, indeed.

Not to mention, the Pitt News has been more than interested in the Muslims on campus and it hasn’t even been more than two weeks of school yet.

While all of my experiences getting re-adjusted to campus has not been easy, thankfully, finding food to eat and a place to pray has not been one of them.

Now, back to studying!



“I’m so blessed to be with them.” -Native Deen


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