Kudos to Chavez!

Venezuela Expels Israeli Ambassador

Chavez Fiercly Critical Of Gaza Conflict, Israel’s “Barbarism”

(CBS/AP) Venezuela ordered the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador and some embassy staff on Tuesday to protest Israel’s military offensive in the Gaza Strip.

The decision by President Hugo Chavez, a longtime critic of U.S. and Israeli policy, to kick out the diplomats appeared to be the strongest reaction yet to the Gaza offensive by any country with ties to Israel.

Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry announced the move in a statement, saying it “has decided to expel the Israeli ambassador and part of the personnel of the Israeli embassy.”

Read the rest here.

Protests against the offensive have been held in Venezuela and other Latin American countries in recent days.

In Argentina, which has the third-largest Jewish population outside Israel as well as a sizable population of Arab descent, hundreds of people marched to the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires to call for an end to the offensive.

Brazil’s government says it is sending 14 tons of medicine and food to the Gaza Strip. And in Bolivia, about 100 Palestinians and Arabs marched to protest the violence.

Good job Chavez, and good job Brazil.


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