I believe in shooting stars!

Yes, on my flight from Heathrow to Newark. I was gazing out of the window, imagining the Atlantic underneath. And we were so close to the stars. Just so close to the stars, it was so overwhelming. It moved me to tears.

And just like that, it happened. One star jetted from formation, and defiantly fled the others. It shot across the sky in front of my very eyes. Well, that was enough to make me burst into tears. A shooting star!

I never thought I’d see one. I was just admiring the stars against the blackness of the night as I love to do. I wasn’t even looking…or was I?

Well, sorry Kanye but I’m gonna have to reverse your first lyric in “Flashing Lights.”

I don’t believe in shoes and cars, but I believe in shooting stars and all the endless beauty to the universe! 😉



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