7 Foods You Must Eat Organic

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7 Foods You Must Eat Organic

Alex Smith breaks it down on getting bang for your buck in organic food

By Planet Green

We’re definite supporters of organic food here at Planet Green, but it’s by no means the only way to eat green. As the market has increased in size, organic food can sometimes cover thousands of miles before it makes it to your plate. Insuring that local food is high on your food priority list as well will keep the food miles low, but combining local with organic can put extra strain your wallet.

But still, the pesticides used on conventional foods can be pretty bad for the planet, not to mention your personal health. So if your budget dictactes that you can only get a few things organic, here are seven items you should definitely avoid buying in their conventional form.

Stone fruit like peaches and nectarines have the highest pesticide concentration in its conventionally grown form according to the Environmental Working Group. Over 90 percent of these fruits tested had pesticides on them, and 86 percent of the peaches the group tested had two or more pesticides on them. In the past, the FDA has cited the peach industry for illegal pesticide use. Because stone fruit is hard to scrub, it is a must on your organic grocery list.

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