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Salaams everyone,

It’s a beautiful day. I mean, it’s grey outside here in London town, but the sun pierced right on through with it’s usual brightness. So, I’m happy.

I was checking out some stats of my blog and got a hold of incoming links. Turns out, someone blogged about my blog post. Cool, right? I think so.
So here’s a feature of my feature from

Peep it.

That got me thinking about hijab, and my choice to wear it. And, how some women cannot exercise that right freely in certain Muslim countries. I won’t call anybody out (Turkey, cough).

Well, I’ll be going to Istanbul this weekend. I’m terribly excited! Like, you have no idea. New food, new language, new shopping marketssss, AND I get to visit the beautiful Blue Mosque.

I’ve been reading up on Turkey since I booked my flight in October. Some of you may be familiar with Turkey’s secularization of the state which has manifested in the form of Turkey’s ban on women covering themselves in public institutions (i.e. schools and colleges). That’s right…they are prohibited from dressing as Allah (swa) ordained for us.

Well, if you tell people not to do something, particularly youth, we’ll do it anyway. And that’s e

xactly what the Muslimahs have done, mashAllah. Provided, many had to drop out of college or not enroll to protect their rights to freedom of religion, a sort of revival of the hijab has emerged in Turkey and it’s hot! I mean, the youth have been challenging this, organizing and educating themselves (since they can’t enroll in university). Hijab has become a sign of rebellion. What do I think?

“Fight the Power!…………………….

Lol, more seriously, some have mobilized and joined Young Civilians. (Read more here)

“Their symbol was a Converse sneaker. Their members were funny and irreverent. One once joked that if you mentioned the name Marx, young women without head scarves assumed you were talking about the British department store Marks & Spencer, while ones in scarves understood the reference to the philosopher.”

Well, that’s just perfect because I love chucks (Converse sneakers) and I appreciate Karl Marx. I’ll be sure to pack my black chucks and reread my notes from Social Theory two years ago.

Maybe the fight will end soon as some leaders are standing in opposition. Read more at Sunday’s Zaman:

[Event of the Week]

Baykal surprises all with softened headscarf stance

An unexpected softening in the stance of main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Deniz Baykal on the use of headscarves surprised everyone in the country. His motives behind this unexpected move were discussed throughout the week.

“We are setting off hand-in-hand with people who have not come together before. We are setting off with all men and women — all who cover their heads and who do not,” Baykal said as he put CHP badge on a covered woman’s coat on Sunday. “It is not right to discriminate against people because of what they wear. It is not right to make deductions about them based on their attire.” Baykal’s remarks came during a CHP ceremony held in İstanbul last Sunday in honor of the party’s new members, who included covered women. The sudden change in Baykal’s tough stance — he’s better known for his opposition to lifting the ban on the headscarf in the public sphere — was interpreted by many as a tactic to gain the sympathy of conservative voters in the upcoming March elections. Opponents of Baykal’s move, including party deputies Nejla Arat and Nur Serter, claimed Baykal was straying from the party’s traditional staunchly secular line and disturbing the grass roots with his move. But Baykal defended himself during a TV program on Friday, saying that the participation of women in chadors did not mean a change in the party’s policies. He said the CHP already has a number of party members and families who wear headscarves. Baykal precipitated the annulment of a reform package that would have lifted a ban on Muslim headscarves at universities by taking it to the Constitutional Court in February


When I go to Istanbul, hmm, I guess it’s tomorrow, I will be taking notice of all this firsthand, inshAllah.


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