“I wear a hijab because I believe in non-conformity”

I thought this was a good article, so I’m sharing. It’s true, we can never get to comfortable in whatever identity we construct. We are constantly be challenged by people we’d least expect. One day at a time.

Hadeel al Shalchi

“Women who wear hijab in Egypt just have a bad reputation.”

We were diving in and out of Cairo weekend traffic, heading towards a hotel by the pyramids for dinner, when the driver mindlessly blurted out this comment. I was the only one in the car wearing a hijab.

What made this remark different from previous one-liners about my hijab is that it came from an upper-class, educated Arab. He was old-money, educated in the West and a self-proclaimed liberal. The type who wears authentic GAP clothing, swings Gucci totes and has inherited an exclusive country club membership from grandparents.

I started wearing the hijab 10 years ago, when I was 18, in my hometown, Ottawa, Canada. It was a scary yet exhilarating decision to make. I knew I would be making a proclamation to the rest of society that I was different. At a time when other kids were piercing and tattooing their body parts, I was choosing to become more religious in a faith that was misunderstood – even before September 11.

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3 thoughts on ““I wear a hijab because I believe in non-conformity”

  1. Salam Alaika,

    Hi there, I understand how hard it is to conclude on that decision to wear hijab. But hey, just look at the bright side of it, you are not exposed to immoral activities.

    Nice to know you!


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