The Profiteering of Higher Education in America, Land of Opportunity.

Mos Def said “They put you on a yacht but won’t call it a slave ship.”

I’m saying, “They put you on a campus but won’t call it a plantation!

I mean, I’m really pissed right now because $850 is getting in the way of me registering for classes, which will get in the way of me getting aid for the spring.

And to think, how many people are feeding their families right now off of the interest accrued by millions of students in America like myself who are simply trying to go to college. So AMERICA can brag about how educated we are. Because they did such a crappy job educating us grades K-12, after all.



Loan forgiveness.

I mean, I got $290 in fees that accrued in a matter of weeks! If I set up a payment plan, that’s another $100 fee! Are you serious?

Part of me wants to renounce my citizenship. Another part of me wants to hurry up and get this law degree so I can go to Washington and change this mess. Here I am in London, where students have been going to University for free up until a few years ago, and even then, students are paying the equivalent of like $6,000 a year. A year!

Lol, this is some bull.

I’m sorry Obama, but I don’t care about to much else right now. Ain’t no terrorists stopping my right to get a degree. I don’t see any threat to my security other than me exploding from the stress of trying to pay for college without killing myself first.

I’m 20 years old, man, and the amount of loan debt I have right now is just plain scary. Scary, to be so young with so much money already to pay back. My family never even seen the amount of money I owe, let alone have it in their accounts to pay!

Well, this must be the push I needed to stop whining and moping about finishing my thesis. I gotta work hard for this degree and hard for the money. And you already know how competitive it’s gonna be.

Excellence is the standard.

Failure is not an option.


Broke college student


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