[blessed && highly favoured]

And so I am.

Got some beautiful news today…I was accepted into my school’s field trip program to Brazil in 2009. So, this June, inshallah, I will be in Fortaleza–all expenses paid–to conduct field research of my choosing.

Yep. You can imagine how excited I am.

and, Lupe’s lyrics are becoming all the more real.

“And we can land in the Motherland, camelback across the desert sands, take a train to Rome, or home, Brazil…FA REAL!”

Ireland? check

Scotland? check

Portugal? check

Greece? check

Rome? check…

On my way to Amsterdam, Paris, and Turkey this month…and looking at flights to Morocco. I’m seeing the world ya’ll and I have no idea what else is in store. Pics coming soon.

[it’s one thing to have dreams. but when those dreams turn into goals and those goals manifest into accomplishment…then, i know and understand that there’s something bigger out there. greater than my little heart will ever be able to understand, IA]

Peace ya’ll!

P.S. Happy Global Pink Hijab Day!


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