“We were fashioned in love…”

Alas, I’ve summoned myself to post once more of recent emotions and events. First, the “homesickness” is a false cover for this profound sense of loneliness that I’ve found to be inevitable in “study abroads.”

Second, I am awfully, busy but doing things that I love. I am in the process of applying for opportunities that will surely change my life in unprecedented levels (fingers crossed). Additionally, my new internship at the Baytree Centre is as rewarding as it is demanding. It’s only my third day but I am already leading art classes and cooking classes with youth girls, AND I get to practice my Portuguese as I teach English to some Brazilians there. I love the possibilities before me.

Lastly, I very much want a breath to reflect but sometimes these moments come months after they are due. I shall create quiet spaces in my mind when possible, no matter how inconvenient for those around me.

I am, we are, always and never, alone. “We were fashioned in love, so why should we feel lonely?” -Mos Def

Moreover, I’m feeling quite anxious in so many aspects of my life. But, more immediately, I want to go everywhere. I only have about 9 weeks left and I already feel it. I’ve officially settled into life in London and I am probably going to move here. But while I am a temporary student, I want to see as much as possible.

Portugual. Spain. Greece. Italy. Prague. Brussels. Germany. Morocco. Turkey. France.

And, I will be able to go to about 80% of these places, se Deus quiser. I just feel so blessed and challenged at the same time. Ai ai ai!

I fell in love with London all over again today. Perhaps, undoubtedly, Brixton‘s Market did it this time.

I’ll be in Scotland and Edinburgh for the weekend. More posts to come!

kisses, amira.


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