…e mais.

(in the hallway this morning outside my flat)

Me: Good morning, do you know how I can get more towels.

Cleaning lady: yes, you can leave a note on the table for Patricia. (stammers a little through sentence)

We converse about what to do for a few more sentences then…

Me (noticing the accent): What language do you speak?

Cleaning lady: Portugues.

Me: Ahhh, eu tambem!

Cleaning lady: Ah, muito melhor agora.

And, she repeats everything she told me earlier in Portuguese but with much ease. I thanked her and nodded my head in understanding. She asks where I’m from, I reply with a solemn: Estados Unidos. And that I learned at my universidade. She’s from Parana, the northeast of Brazil. I told her that I went to Salvador last year to express that I was familiar with the area. All smiles.

Me: Muito obrigada, vou deixar voce para continuar….Bom dia!

Lady: Brigada, voce tambem!

The power of language.



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