There’s so much life here.

I’m well aware that I am posting new posts every 30 minutes it seems, but I just have so much to say.

Like today, the funny feeling is still there. But, I stepped outside and it is simply a beautiful day in Londontown!

So, instead of riding the underground Tube, I decided to venture out and catch a bus to my internship. My work is in the East End of London, a cultural hub of Muslims and other ethnic groups. As I rode the bus, I sat further and further away from the more central parts of London where I stay and began to feel re-inspired. So many different cultures and peoples represented. Styles of dress. Muslim girls and women dressed so elegantly in their sparkling garments and headdresses. Nostrils pierced, like my newly own.

And then, a class of kids swarm the top of the double decker bus where I was sitting. At once, the chatter consumed me and I removed my earplugs from my ears. Black, brown, white–all shades–in their cute little uniforms with ribbons and ties. I sat, tinged with jealousy for a split second, wondering what it would have been like to grow up in London.

There’s so much life here. Life fills your nostrils with new smells of hope and culture. It wraps around your waist as hips sway to new rhythms of city life. It pounds the cement with a neverending construction of new beginnings. It dances in the pubs free from persecution and judgement. It laughs loudly on the subway in unison with unknown joys. It hops about in plaid skirts as a protector holds its little hand across the street.

There’s so much life here. It hits me in the morning as I fear the selfish apathy of our times. It warms my cup with aromas of a country home to those that sold and bred my ancestors, forming me into the flesh that I still hope to understand. It creases my lips into a smile when my heart reminds me that I too can love and be loved.

There’s so much life here.

There’s so much life to appreciate. There’s so much more to celebrate. In our lives.

One, amira.


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