Hookah who?

Yesterday, after waking up at about 2pm, a couple of us went to Camden Market–a really cultural, alternative booming scene in London. And, after a delicious crepe with caramel and almonds, us girls sat down and commenced to do the Hookah.

It was my first time participating in such a session. The elected flavor? Strawberry.

Now, I know all about the health risks. I’m often called a health fanatic in some degree or another. But, I just couldn’t resist. Sipping the spiced chai tea, appreciating the Camden market eccentricity, and sitting on the couches all contributed to me, along with my 3 flatmates, smoking a nice session of hookah.

So, I got a buzz.

Like really late into the game because I am not a practiced smoker, unlike the other 3. I just felt dizzy, chill, lightheaded, or a combination of the three.



And, who knows, I may be a smoker by the end of the 3 months. But, lol, I’ll quit soon enough. Right?




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