Mais notas de Londres..

A Day in the Life?
  • Rise 7am.
  • Dress:layers, funky/hippie, comfy, prepared for rain or shine.
  • Breakfast? small. Walk to Angel Tube station and head to work in East London.
  • Get to work 10-ish probably still waiting for one of the two people in the office to arrive.
  • Supervisor shows up in chucks, with her Mac.
At work, I basically sit around and learn about London and its issues: social, political, whatever. Today my  assignment was piecing together a ripped up letter.
Leave for class. I had international trade class (econ) of which I am totally intimidated, but have to face my fears, no? And the accent is absolutely amuzing so paying attention is fun. Everything’s “rubbish” or “mad” or “dodgy.”
In another class we discussed our internship experiences thus far. One thing has been fairly consistent: London’s working class works a lot less hours than Americans.Many offices open at 12 and close around 6. Or like my job 10-5.
Fast forward to today: BATH & Stonehenge was amazing! So much history. More details to follow!

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