Notes from London

For the first time, during my Virgin Atlantic flight, I watched the infamous Sex & The City movie–inciting me to think about shoes, New York City, and of course love.


Everything and nothing in the film and in our lives. It is probably one of the most frightening of phenomena. I’ve come to accept the fact that I like certainty.

I, with a certain degree of certainty, know that when I go to Manhattan, for example, there will be subways. But love?

This movie left me feeling one way about love and one way only:

Maybe, it’s just not for me…

Now, before you turn your head away at what you presume to be cynicism, bear with me:


Maybe it’s for something infinite, permanent, and worthwhile that I just don’t understand yet. Or haven’t been introduced to reckon with. There are times when I think I am ready…”ready for love,” ya know?

But, then, I see films and situations like that in Sex & The City and think…”there’s no way in hell”.

On another note, what’s the deal with first class? I mean, I fly a lot. Like, more than I enjoy. But, I am, nevertheless, continuously perplexed by this need to make others feel elite. Sure, they pay a lot more. But why are we even making that an option? Why is there such a need, in this country and around the world, for others to feel “better than”? And the plane example is just so hilariously flawed to me because we are literally all on the same damn flight. If we go down, you think your damn first class seat is going to get priority? Umm, no!

But whatever, that’s capitalism I guess. The program is pretty cool. This Friday we’re going to Stonehenge and Bath. Pretty cool. And, other than myself there’s one other black person I’ve seen in the program, so I guess their diverse. Yea.

So, on to my internship. I’m excited. And you should be, too. Updates sooooon!




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