I hope you know…

That the velocity of these tears don’t compare
To how long it took my heart
To recover
When we locked eyes.

And I ran home that day, so anxious
For the next chance
To walk with you.
I had no idea that you were even more beautiful than I remembered.

And your strength still carried in how you walk,
But your eyes…
Well, they’re almost as sweet as mine:
With a protective glaze so subtle
But if anyone looked long enough
If anyone
Looked deeply enough
They’d find a passion unarmed.

I fought you with my silence.
I dismissed your existence with my ignorance.
And I almost suceeded.
Until today.

I had yet to discover
That         who           you       are


I hope you know
That my heart danced those days

I hope you know that
I would have spoken to you
Iff my heart could translate the pain into a lovely set of words
That would convince you,
But, more importantly, myself,
That in those days
I was simply too young
To understand

I         am.

I hope you know
That today I saw
Me in You.

too true,



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