Dream GREEN, World!

With all the political babble and debate at the center of public discourse in America, it’s easy to loose sight of other issues. Great, Hillary supports Obama. But, for many of us, more important issues such as where are our children’s children are going to live and what type of air will they breathe. How healthy will their diets be? Where oh where is all the energy going to come from?

An interesting case study on the struggles of industrial development and wealth accumulation vs. sustainable green energy and environmental justice is…Ukraine? Yes. Random, I know. But this country has something that no others do: Ruslana Stepanivna Lyzhychko.

The pop singer celebrity is getting another claim to fame- actively putting Ukraine’s and the rest of the world’s energy consumption into her lyrics and her work. Learn more.Ruslana is using her art to contribute to the “mental shift” necessary for ordinary people, a.k.a. insurgents, to care about the environmental costs of fossil fuels, over-consumption, and the global climate change. In her Wild Energy Project, she vividly juxtaposes a woman dependent on fossil fuel energy (in a really scary, crack addict kind of way, fyi)

Ruslanas depiction of a woman dependent on fossil fuels for energy. Courtesy Ruslana

Ruslana's depiction of a woman dependent on fossil fuels for energy. Courtesy Ruslana

with a woman independent, relying on energy from within and from “the wild” sun and wind. The synthetic woman is Ukraine, and in my opinion, many other developed/developing nations. The Wild Energy Xena-like woman? That is YOU and anyone else who decides to be! As a believer in personal and natural energy sources, I’m finding Ruslana’s Wild Energy Project to be as interesting as it is urgent.

Aside from being a UNICEF ambassador fighting against human trafficking and being a member of parliament, what’s next?

I’d like to see Ruslana reach out to indigenous peoples.

Peoples, populating all over the Earth, who have been sustaining civilizations that affirm the earth well before capitalism was conceived.

Crazy thought?


In the meantime, she even has a video out with T-Pain! Lol…enjoy!




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