Introducing London

The past spring break, I participated in the University of Pittsburgh’s Race Relations in Britain course. The small class traveled to London together for spring break where we met the leading experts on race, did some sightseeing, and ate great food. Now, I am returning this fall with Pitt in London (CAPA) program and I can’t wait.
London, UK is a big city. So much so that it makes New York looks small. Nearly 14 million people populate the city. It is one of the most multiracial, multiethnic places on Earth.

And, I am so excited to return! Why? Well, here is just a few reasons why I love London:

1. Londoners walk fast.
2. Londoners are visually stimulating in appearance (meaning dress far from conservative)
3. London has one of the most efficient public transportation systems in the world.
4. I can watch BBC, BET, and other shows all in place.
5. The music & hip-hop scene is thriving.
6. Art is appreciated and cultivated.
7. London is the home of Tate Modern.
8. Londoners love tea.
9. I love tea.
10. There is Thai food, Indian, Moroccan, and almost any other cultural food available there.
11. The quality of food is better.
12. Londoners have cool accents.

It’s expensive though: our dollar value is almost cut in half over there!

Date of departure: September 2, 2008…✌


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